Progshine Records Release ‘Bibliomystikon’, From German Duo Ordo Ignis Dei

Progshine Records continues with new digital releases. This time the label proudly announces that it has signed a contract for the release and digital distribution of ‘Bibliomystikon’, first album by the German duo Ordo Ignis Dei.

Ordo Ignis Dei began in mid-2012 but did not materialize until 2016, even though the two band members Sebastian (keyboards, vocals, drums) and Phillip (bass guitar) were living thousands of miles away from each other.

Mixing Metal, Progressive Rock, Gnostic Beliefs and Spirituality, Ordo Ignis Dei ends up creating a unique sound with their first release ‘Bibliomystikon’. The record was released through Bandcamp in various digital formats (MP3, FLAC, ALAC, OGG, etc.) but is also available on several digital platforms like SpotifyDeezerGoogleNapster e OneRPM. Following its standard of ‘music for everyone’ Progshine Records is releasing the album for only 3 USD.

You can order ‘Bibliomystikon’ right now by clicking on ‘buy’ in the player below or directly on our BANDCAMP PAGE.

Ordo Ignis Dei links




Author: Diego Camargo

Editor chefe do Progshine

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