Progshine Records was born by the hands of the Brazilian (living in Poland) and music aficionado Diego Camargo. The brand was first introduced in 2005 as a reviews Blog that ran until 2012 in Portuguese. From 2012 until 2017 the Progshine brand opened a new venture, a website with reviews, news and Podcasts in English.

The Digital Label was born in December 2013, when Diego thought it would be a great idea to celebrate a wonderful year with a Digital compilation that would include all sorts of groups and artists that appeared on the Progshine Podcast during the previous 2 years.

Although the label was not intended for major distribution a year and a half after that first compilation, Progshine Records released an obscure and rare work by the Brazilian band Family Free Rock. A Day Of Wrath was released in April 2015 and it was the first oficial release of the album that previously was only released in a small, home-made, print.

As the time went on Diego felt that other releases, just like A Day Of Wrath, deserved a new digital release. So in April 2017 Progshine Records was officially launched with the Progressive Rock band Trem Do Futuro and its 3 releases, all 3 of them being released for the first time ever in the Digital market.

The next step was to present to a wider audience theĀ Dominican group El Trio, the whole discography of the group was released on May 2017.

Where does Progshine aims to go? Time will tell, but we aim high!