PR003 / Trem Do Futuro / Progressive Rock

Released April 3, 2017
Originally released in 1995.

The band Trem Do Futuro was formed in Ceará, a state located in the northeastern region of Brazil in 1981. Being A Progressive Rock band in northeastern Brazil is not easy, this is an area better known for its deep folk roots and rhythms, not for Rock music. So much so that it took Trem Do Futuro 14 years to release its first album!

In 1995 the self titled Trem Do Futuro was released, originally through the Progressive Rock Worldwide label. Consisting of keyboard and flute-driven music, this first release of Trem Do Futuro sees the band betting on the Symphonic sound, with lyrics sung in Portuguese and with a deep Folk root.

This is the first timr that Trem Do Futuro is re-released, it’s the first time the album is made public since its release over 20 years ago and it’s also the first time the album is released in Digital formats!

This digital reissue is the first and only one since its release and was released under license from the band itself.

Paulo Rossglow – vocals
Marcelo Macêdo – electric and acoustic guitars
Jomar Sérgio – bass
Gilmar Moura – keyboards
Marcos Bye Bye – drums
Ulisses Germano – flute and sound effects

Executive production: Marcio De Mello Moreira & Claudia Vidal Moreira
Artistic production: Trem Do Futuro
Cover art: Jó A. Nunes
Booklet and Inlay design and layout: Marcio De Mello Moreira
Photos: Fernando Sá

Recorded in 24 channels DDD at Pro Audio Studio in Fortaleza, Brazil, between August and December, 1994
Engineers: Marcílio Mendonça, Hamilton Silva, Luís Wagner & Anfrísio Rocha
Mix: Marcílio Mendonça & Trem Do Futuro

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